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The Gathering – 3 further performances

‘The Gathering – Messages from the Great War’ Three further performances of original documentary theatre ‘The Gathering – Messages from the Great War’, commemorating the lives of two local soldiers, Will Cutler and Hubert Wareham, and people closely involved in their lives: Will’s wife, Tillie, and the Vicar of Wimborne Minster, Reverend James Fletcher.  Also showing of […]

Tommy’s Sisters

Tommy’s Sisters tells the moving story of life on the home front through the eyes of four women and a girl. What was it like to be one of thousands of munitions workers at Dorset’s huge cordite factory, a nurse looking after grievously injured soldiers at Colehill’s Red Cross Hospital, or a young girl wondering […]

Live Public Memorial for 10 Wimborne Soldiers

Professional and volunteer actors appeared over a hot July weekend in Wimborne town centre, dressed in First World War uniforms and each representing ten local men killed in action during the Great War. When approached as they walked about the town, the actors silently handed out a small card with personal details, researched with local […]

Another chance to catch “The Gathering”

A further performance of ‘The Gathering – Messages from the Great War’ will be staged in Wimborne on Friday June 8th at 7.30pm. The production was staged earlier this year and quickly sold out. The play is a commemoration of the lives of two local soldiers, Will Cutler and Hubert Wareham, who died during the First World War, and […]

Actors Wanted for Local History WW1 Drama (Paid)

State of Play is seeking one female and three male actors for roles in a theatre production to take place in February, 2018.  The production is based on research about people who lived in Wimborne during 1914-18. The project has been commissioned by Priest’s House Museum, Wimborne, as part of the museum’s The One Hundred Year […]